Important Facts About Designing and Installing A Walkway and Front Entrance

Homeowners looking to charm their every guest, often rely upon a warm, stylish and welcoming design of their front walkway.   Not only does the ideal walkway design charm your guests, but it also enhances your home’s curb appeal, adds style to your front yard and even helps to increase the value of your property.   When you choose to invest in an elegantly designed walkway and front entrance that adds style and charm to your home, you are investing in the ideal means of enhancing the overall appearance and presence of your property.


When it’s time to choose a new front entrance and walkway design the team here at Harpeth Valley Hardscapes are on hand to help.  We want to provide our valued clients with helpful insight needed.  There are a number of important considerations to take into account when you set out to give your home a whole new look.  For starters, be sure to choose a walkway design and style that either matches your home’s current design and architecture or at minimum compliments it.

Next, be sure to take into consideration the options for materials.  Be sure to choose materials that can withstand all types of weather conditions and can handle the test of time.  The team here at Harpeth Valley Hardscapes is on hand to help with all your important decision making.  Our professionals are skilled and trained to provide you with recommendations as to which materials are best suited to your home, your property and your terrain and can assist with choosing stylish accent bands, borders or stone edging, all of which can add style and class to your walkway and front entrance design.  Our consultants can help you decide on a complementary color or shape to help add a bit of contrast to your existing design and elevate its overall appearance. 


We also want to remind our clients about the importance of creating and designing a walkway that blends with your home and does not appear gaudy or out of place.   Choosing the right materials will help you to achieve the look you are ultimately looking for.  Keep in mind, that a walkway should be built wide enough to accommodate two people and should also serve to accent your property landscaping.  With all that said, scaling your walkway and front entrance is a critical component of your hardscape project with proper placement at the top of the design list. 


There is a wide range of design options to help personalize your walkway design to your own style, taste, and budget.  From cut natural stone, interlocked concrete pavers and flagstones to stepping stones and pea gravel the options are many.  With that said, the team here at Harpeth Valley Hardscapes is on hand to not only perform your install, but to help with all the important decision making when it comes to choosing the perfect design and materials.  Our team of professionals stands ready to serve you and to meet your every need.  The exciting part about installing a new walkway is the fact that the project is somewhat simple, but adds a whole lot of style and value to your home and property.  

If you are thinking about a walkway renovation for your home, then we are the team for you.  Give a shout out to our staff today and schedule your free consultation.  We look forward to serving you and to providing you with the highest quality, customized design and install of your walkway and front entrance.  Fall is now upon us and what better time of year to perform your home improvement project.  Don’t delay.  Contact our professionals today!


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