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Summer is coming to an end and fall and winter right around the corner, which means time to relax outdoors with a stylish backyard fire pit.  A fire pit can certainly be a welcome, stylish addition to any backyard landscape and a perfect spot to sit and relax with family and friends.  The design, excavation and construction of a fire pit will not only contribute to its appearance but its overall use and functionality.   With that said the team here at Harpeth Valley Hardscapes wants to educate our clients on the various materials that go into the design and construction of a fire pit and the impact it can have on your home and family.

Backyard Fire Pit Fuel Sources

The capabilities and functionality of your newly installed fire pit will be greatly dependent upon your fuel source. 

  • Wood BurnBackyard Fire Piting Fire Pits – These are by far the easiest of all since their construction has only to give focus to containing the fire itself and all its ashes. We do, however, want to remind our clients to stay focused on the smoke and sparks it can generate and to its overall susceptibility to both rain and wind.
  • Natural Gas Fire Pits – Natural gas fire pits have properties that are quite similar to those of a propane fire pit including a very easy startup, ability to handle all types of weather, and the simple fact that they generate no sparks or smoke at all. A natural gas fire pit can have the natural gas piped in if you already have a natural gas hookup in your home.
  • Propane Fire Pits – These fire pits for starters are incredibly easy to start up. They have the same all-weather functionality as natural gas fire pits and produce absolutely no smoke or sparks.  Their features are quite similar to those of natural gas pits with the exception that they burn a whole lot hotter in overall volume than the natural gas would.  The one downside to propane fire pits is the fact that the construction process is a good deal more expensive because they require the installation of a tank on top of the fact that propane gas itself is more costly than natural gas or fire wood. 


The design of your fire pit has two components.  The first is the hardscape and the second the fire pit itself.  The build of the hard elements or the hardscape will add to the aesthetic appeal of your home, depending upon the stonework and the materials you choose.  As an example, if you choose to build the fire pit on your patio, it is important to choose materials that are similar or at minimum complement the type of material your patio is constructed with.  The fire pit will differ depending upon your fuel source of choice.  Most fire pits simply require the installation of either a metal, stone or ceramic container to house the wood and embers.  However, a gas fire pit will require the installation of an ignition switch along with fuel lines. 

For more design ideas or to learn more about the actual design, excavation and construction of varied fire pits, reach out to the pros here at Harpeth Valley Hardscapes.  Our team of experts is on hand to serve you, to answer any questions you have, and discuss any design or construction concerns.  When it comes to designing and building hardscapes of all types, not just fire pits, we are the team for you.  We are fully licensed and insured and possess all the expertise, knowledge and know-how needed when it comes to designing and building hardscapes and even local regulations and requirements as well.  To learn more about our products, our team and our designs, reach out to one of our experts and schedule your free consultation today.  We look forward to serving you and to making your fall and winter months ahead more relaxing and enjoyable with a newly designed and installed backyard fire pit!

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