The Latest Trends in Gunite Pool Design for 2024

2024 Gunite Pool Trends

2024 Gunite Pool Trends

As we approach 2024, the world of gunite pool design continues to evolve, bringing more sophisticated, customizable, and eco-friendly options to homeowners looking to enhance their outdoor living spaces. Gunite pools are renowned for their durability and flexibility in design, making them a popular choice for those seeking a long-term investment in their homes. Here are the latest trends in gunite pool design for 2024 that you can consider for your backyard oasis, brought to you by Harpeth Valley Hardscape.

1. Naturalistic Designs

The trend towards more natural-looking pools continues to grow. In 2024, expect to see gunite pools designed to mimic natural water bodies, complete with irregular shapes, rock features, and waterfall installations. These pools are often integrated with the surrounding landscape to create a serene, natural retreat right in your backyard.

2. Tanning Ledges and Baja Shelves

Tanning ledges, also known as Baja shelves, are shallow, flat areas within the pool that allow swimmers to lounge partially submerged in the water. These are perfect for those who want to enjoy the water without fully diving in, providing a cool retreat from the summer heat. They’re also great for young children or pets.

3. Dark Interior Pool Finishes

Moving away from the traditional light blue, the latest trend in pool interiors is dark finishes. Colors like deep blue, gray, or even black are becoming increasingly popular. These colors not only give the pool a striking, modern look but also enhance the water’s reflective quality, creating a stunning mirror-like effect that reflects the sky and surrounding landscape.

4. Integrated Spa Features

Why decide between a pool and a spa when you can have both? One of the hottest trends is the integration of spa features into gunite pools. Spillover spas, in which the spa is connected to the pool with an overflow that creates a waterfall effect, are particularly popular. This design not only adds visual appeal but also allows for a luxurious, relaxing experience.

5. Smart Pool Technology

As smart home technology advances, so does pool technology. In 2024, more homeowners are opting for smart controls for their gunite pools. This technology allows you to control pool settings like temperature, lighting, and even water features from your smartphone or other devices. It maximizes convenience and can help with energy efficiency.

6. Eco-Friendly Solutions

Sustainability is a significant consideration in modern pool design. Eco-friendly trends include the use of energy-efficient heating systems, LED lighting, and variable speed pumps. These features reduce the environmental impact of owning a pool while also helping homeowners save on energy costs.

7. Fire Features

Adding fire features near or around the pool area is a trend that continues to captivate homeowners. Whether it’s fire bowls, fire pits, or integrated wall torches, fire features create a mesmerizing ambiance and extend the usability of the pool area into the cooler evenings.


The trends in gunite pool design for 2024 focus on creating a more natural, luxurious, and tech-friendly environment. These designs not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home but also its functionality and sustainability.

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