Hardscaping for Your Winter Landscape?

What’s one of the best things about living in Middle Tennessee? The generally mild winters allow us to continue to enjoy beautiful flowers, ornamental grasses and foliage throughout the season. So why not take the winter blues bull by the horn and bring some life back into your backyard?

Grey, Grey, Go Away

Why settle for a world of dreary greys if you don’t have to? Because you don’t. Make a plan. Start it now. Are you feeling your spirits start to rise as you think about it? That’s the idea. Just what will you create?! Here are a few touchstones to consider:

Make it Beautiful  

Don’t settle without considering the aesthetic value of materials and objects. Functionality should be beautiful – and with a little help from us, it can be!

Consider Structure

How do you want your landscape to flow? Thoughtful selection of hardscaping structure creates a fantastic framework for a variety of seasonal plants and decor to shine.


Choosing an interplay of variations in color, pattern, texture and lighting is a wonderful way to wake up any outdoor space. Choose to be inspired by seasonal themes, the environment itself, or by personal themes.

Dream a Little (or a lot)

I’m dreaming of a stunning luminaria wall offering ambience & intimacy to a rustic seating and dining area, flanked by a menagerie of multi-shaped topiary trees strewn with holiday lights in glistening, boldly contrasting colored pots. What are you dreaming about? It’s time to fire up that fire pit and enjoy the fresh night air with some good friends and music. That’s the beauty of life in the south!

Don’t Wait Until Next Year

When you can have the beautiful, inspiring property of your dreams now. Contact our expert team at Harpeth Valley Hardscapes for more information about your custom winter hardscaping projects. With over twenty years of experience specializing in outdoor construction and the hardscape industry, we are your Middle Tennessee patio, walkway and retaining wall installation experts. If you are considering installing a patio, outdoor fireplace, or any other backyard improvements, call  Harpeth Valley Hardscapes today at (615) 236-8610. We look forward to hearing from you!

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