Hardscaping vs. Landscaping: What’s the Difference?

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Landscaping vs. Hardscaping

While it’s true that hardscaping and landscaping are closely related, they are two very different services dealing with very different materials. In fact, most people are quite familiar with the term “landscaping”, but “hardscaping”? Not so much.


What’s the Difference?

When you decide to enhance the outdoor spaces of your property, you will almost always be incorporating both landscaping and hardscaping in the enhancements. The difference is really quite simple to grasp. Landscaping consists largely of the living things you plant in your spaces, like grass(sod), flowers and other plants, flower beds, and even gardens. Hardscaping includes all the other elements, such as retaining walls, patios, decks, stairs, fire pits, and so on. Simple, right?


A key difference

There’s one more key difference between hardscaping and landscaping companies. Many hardscaping companies provide landscaping within the range of their services. Similarly, a fair number of landscaping companies contend that they perform hardscaping services in addition to their specialty in landscaping. These offers of crossover services are not equivalent. While it’s possible that a professional landscaping crew has dabbled in a number of hardscaping projects from time to time, their limited knowledge and experience is in no way a match for the professional hardscaping company. Hardscaping involves a high level of technical proficiency, involving issues such as weight bearance, movement of the soil, surface traffic and erosion, and the like. A badly designed or executed hardscaping project can be dangerous and a serious liability issue.


Don’t settle for less.

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