4 Favorite Hardscaping Features


4 Favorite Hardscaping Features

What are your favorite ways to give your yard that wow factor? Landscaping and maintenance of lawn mowing, weeds, and gardening are important. But what are the things that you love to see added that seem to pull it all together, every time? Not necessarily the grand, dramatic pieces, but those tireless supporting players that make your leading character shine? Today we bring to you the top 4 favorite hardscaping features we hear about the most.

1. Walking Paths

Sidewalks, walkways, garden paths, nature trails…

You could say that they all have the same function, and you would be correct. Yet each one evokes a different feeling, is applied in different areas, and has a more specific function. They enlist a range of different materials for their base, from concrete, cobble stone, wood, crumbled bark, pebbles, or simple dirt. Walkways are not only functional, but also do a good job of adding definition and interest to a property.

2. Retaining Walls

Both decorative and functional, the retaining wall is often the unsung MVP of a sloping property for their important contributions to fending off erosion, and even prevent landslides during heavy storm periods. They also do an excellent job of adding definition to your outdoor space. retaining walls are most commonly constructed using basic or specialty shaped concrete pavers, natural fieldstone or railroad ties. Landscapers frequently rely on them to balance out uneven terrain, turning a property problem into an attractive advantage.

3. Fire Pits

Who doesn’t love gazing into dancing flames at the end of a long, stressful day? It’s not your go-to feature for grilling, but will do a more than adequate job on your marshmallows and wienie roasts. A fire pit adds a very special element to your backyard ambience, turning a patio into a gathering spot for guests. They also allow you to get extra mileage out of your outdoor entertaining as the temperatures begin to drop. Surrounding them with hardy, cold weather tolerant plants in coordinating containers gives your backyard space an even more inviting feel.

4. Ponds

What do we intrinsically love as much as fire? Water. What does that spell? How about a beautiful outdoor pond? Few things add charm to an outdoor environment the way a water feature does. You can add more accents, such as tiny bridges, waterfalls, or fish, pumps and filters to increase the curb appeal. Pumps and filter systems only require minimum maintenance. This is ideal, because you don’t to take away from the relaxing aspect your new addition.

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