Carve Out a New Path: Winter Hardscaping Ideas

Photo Credit: Martha Stewart Living

Carve Out a New Path: Winter Hardscaping Ideas

We may have just entered winter, but the weather is wonderful! What does this time of year bring to mind for you? There’s a sentimental yet anticipatory sweet spot happening right about…now. Perfect for dreaming and planning and carving out a new path. Fun, soft, fanciful lighting adds the perfect amount of charm along the way.

Express Yourself

Perhaps you’d prefer the organically shaped flagstone, plotting out a colorful, more spontaneous direction? The damp ground of this time of year is perfect for laying a path in the ground. What do you think? Are you ready for the next phase, etching those perfectly geometric patterns into the earth with stunning square pavers in a contrasting selection of steely blue-greys and earthy mustards and terra cottas? Maybe you’re wanting to express yourself with something more abstract, that leads to the garden, to incorporating that great wood and fieldstone bench you’ve salivating over, and trailing off into the woods? Or maybe you’re simply thinking of extending the patio with a brickwork base and adding a built-in fireplace and pergola with great, sweeping canvas curtains and a warming station for enjoying your early morning coffee no matter the weather?

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