Change Your View with a Summer Time Hardscape

When it comes to hardscapes, and outdoor living spaces; you never really put the two together. However, hardscapes can make that outdoor living area happen and truly stand out. Hardscapes can be used for a number of points within the living space, depending on what you’re trying to add to it. Through the use of the hardscapes, you have many different possibilities. Consider some of these things you can do when using a company that provides a summer time hardscape to residential homes.

Fire Pits For Your Summer Time Hardscape

Fire pits can be made specifically to your liking, and provide a place for you to make the most of the rocks that are placed in the area. Enjoy having a different sizes or shaped fire pit, as compared to some of the neighbors in the town. You can place this right on your deck, or choose to have it out in the yard.

Patio Designs 

If you need a space to have an outdoor living area for the summer time, then having beautiful pavers put down to create a patio design is ideal. You’re able to make a different look, and cover the space that is needed for the design that you want. You can then add the furniture, counters and other items when the patio is in place.


Short walls around the perimeter of the patio can showcase and close in the area of the patio where you’d like the living space to be. This creates a boundary, so you can use the other space throughout the yard for other things that you want to have going on. The walls can be made from various different items, as well, giving you more options.


Even though it seems hard, adding cushions to custom hardscape furniture can provide a beautiful look to the outside area of your home. When you have a vision of how the back of your home is going to look, then adding this furniture is the best way to go about putting something unique into the yard.

When you’re ready to head out and get started in the planning and design process, speak with us here at Harpeth Valley Hardscapes. We can ensure that you have the hardscape that you want, when you want it. You’re able to enjoy the benefits that come from having an outdoor living space, and a beautiful hardscape that makes it stand out.

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