A retaining wall is used in landscapes throughout many areas in the country. They are not only beautiful when put up right, but they can be extremely useful to the yard and home, as well. Many materials can be used for a retaining wall, and the homeowner generally has a selection to choose from. Going with something that not only provides function, but also beauty to the yard is essential for any hardscaping that is being done. Learning more about a retaining wall can help you determine if you need one.

What is a Retaining Wall?

A retaining wall is a structure that holds or retains the soil that is placed behind it. Some of the materials that can be used to do this are concrete blocks, rocks, timber, poured concrete and boulders. Some of these materials have longer life spans than the others but all are able to retain the soil, and also keep runoff and other water and moisture out of the immediate area.

They are easy for a company that provides hardscaping to put up in the yard, and can recommend the best type of materials to use in your specific yard, given the qualities of the soil and of the placement. They may be used for many reasons, or they may be something that is needed in some homeowner’s cases.


Why Would I Need a Retaining Wall?


If there is a hill, slope or other ground change on your yard, then the retaining wall would be used to push back this force and keep it off of the leveled ground below it. This can cut back on the run off, while also ensuring that the ground does not crumble down on the main yard below. They hold back the soil in the area, and create a spot for you to enjoy, without worrying about any landslides. They can also be beautiful, decorated and used to outline many parts of the yard so that it looks more flat, providing more purposes of use for the homeowner.

If you’re considering a retaining wall, or think you may need one then speak with us here at Harpeth Valley Hardscapes. We can put you back on track when it comes to having the beauty throughout your yard, and the functional pieces that can help it along, while making it beautiful at the same time.

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