Enclose Your Pool in a High Quality Hardscape Walkway

Hardscapes are a beautiful addition to any home. Having a pool is something that many people like to do in their yards, and if this is you, then you have to consider safety measures, and how you can make your pool side look the best that it can. Choosing to encase the pool with a new walkway around it, and a patio where the chairs can be set out in the sun is a great way to make the hardscape around your pool stand out, and give you an oasis look right in your own backyard.

Choosing Your Design for the Hardscape Walkway

You get to choose the design you want to go with around the pool, as well as how far out you’d like to bring the patio section. We can show you some basic designs, and you can use one of those or you can choose to add on or take away from them. This is your yard, and your pool so you should go with something that truly stands out to you.

The design of the pool can also play a huge role in the design that you choose for the hardscape around it. You want something that is going to fit perfectly, but also know that when you choose, you also have to choose a material that is not going to become slippery from being wet. Concrete is generally the material that is used mostly for around the pools, and can be stamped or finished to provide a more appealing look.

Getting to Work on the Hardscape Walkway

When you have us start, we will have gone through the design plan, the materials and also signed a contract with you stating the cost, time line and any other extras that are important to both parties. We want to make sure that you’re able to get the beautiful outline around your pool that you ask for, and that you can use it when the summer months roll around and the heat comes pouring in.

Let us get to work for you, designing the perfect pool hardscape to create your very own vacation getaway in your backyard.

Speak with us here at Harpeth Valley Hardscapes to find out additional information on how we can enclose your beautiful new pool in something that makes it look more like a resort. We can provide you with the essentials needed to really make your backyard stand out. Schedule a consult with us today and get started!

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