Top 5 Stones of Decorative Hardscaping


5 Stones of Decorative Hardscaping

Many Middle Tennesseans are taking advantage of fall’s mild weather to complete their most prized home improvement projects, especially when it comes to decorative hardscaping. From patios, decks, walkways, fire pits, and other front and backyard enhancements, Harpeth Valley Hardscapes can do it all. We handle installation, upgrades, repairs, and are always happy to help our clients design the best, most beautiful outdoor project for their home. Today we bring you another helpful resource for planning your project: the Top 5 Stones of Decorative Hardscaping. Enjoy!


1. Granite

Excellent for outdoor countertops and accents, granite is a striking addition to any outdoor project. Consisting of large, coarse minerals such as Quartz, Feldspar and Mica, Granite has a very attractive multi-dimensional shimmer. Available in a wide range of colors, granite is non-porous and very hard, making it a wonderful choice for your next hardscaping project.


  1. Slate

Whether in slab or paving stone form, Slate works well as a hardscaping material. Typically found in a gray, green or blue color, Slate is a naturally water-resistant stone that is a good choice especially for areas near water features or pools.

3. Fieldstone

Named for their history of being found in fields or open spaces rather than the traditional quarry,  Fieldstone is generally a rounded stone of a range of colors and sizes. Many choose Fieldstone as a unique, artistic accent to their hardscaping. Commonly, Fieldstone is used in the construction of decorative walls, such as a lovely fireplace, as well as raised garden beds.

4. Limestone

Crisp and whites, deep rusts, and cool blacks are some of the most common colors for the popularly chosen Limestone. Also used as wall and flooring stones, in addition to patios and walkways, Limestone is a sedimentary rock, and varies in porosity and hardness. Your hardscaping professional will ensure that the right grade is chosen for your special project.

  1. Sandstone

Like Limestone, Sandstone is also sedimentary rock. A great choice as a paving stone for its ability to be broken into thin slabs easily, Sandstone also works well as material for a retaining wall or privacy wall. Much like Fieldstone, many people enjoy incorporating sandstone boulders in a range of sizes throughout their property as accent rocks or as larger, sculpture-like accents.


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