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A Basic Layout and Design for Backyard Steps

design for backyard steps

As homeowners we all look for ways to not only enhance the value of our homes but also its aesthetic appeal and safety. With that said, many homes have backyards with distinct grades. Often times, installing steps in your backyard can provide you with a convenient, easy path across the existing land grade and a safe path as well. At Harpeth Valley Hardscapes we take pride in our stylish design for backyard steps that are sure to satisfy every home and property owner.

If you are looking to improve your backyard layout and want it to be more convenient and safer, then we are the team for you. Whether you need to venture from your patio on the upper level to your grassy area on the lower level or you simply want to move from your deck to the grass area or back door, our team has got you covered. There are a variety of designs, layouts and materials that can be used to create the perfect backyard steps.

Designs to Choose From

Here at Harpeth Valley Hardscapes, we are steadfast in our commitment to meet the individual needs of our many valued clients. There are a number of different designs you can choose from, some of which we will cover here now.

  • Common Materials Used for Stairs – Two of the most common materials used are that of stone and wood. If you have a wooden deck in your backyard, then wood stairs would be the ideal option for you. Wood is also a very affordable option and is truly a safe access to any raised space or to an outside door. Wood can create a perfect, stable set of steps of any size or length and can even provide the perfect railing if needed.Stone on the other hand, is the perfect choice for steps that are built right into a steep grade on your property or for easy access to your outdoor patio. You can choose to have a single large stone step installed or a set of stairs using stones and pavers that have been compacted with soil and are placed strategically along your property.
  • Basic Designs for Backyard Steps – When looking to design your stairs, be sure you take into consideration a comfortable and safe flow of traffic. Choose a minimal height for each step as well as a minimal depth for each of the treads. When choosing your design, you want to ensure that the pathway you are creating is not only simple to navigate and travel but safe as well. Be sure to take into consideration any special needs of your family at the time of installation or perhaps special needs that may be forthcoming in the future. You also want to be sure that the tread has a noticeable texture that will help to prevent a surface that is slippery. Many homeowners opt for gradual steps that are designed with a wide tread since they can be extremely safe and don’t typically require the installation of a railing.


There You Have It

We hope you found this information useful. We want to remind our clients that when you choose the perfect design and professional team, you can be sure that your backyard steps can help to make your outdoor living space more functional and useable. For more information on a stylish design for backyard steps or to schedule a free consultation, reach out to one of our friendly team members here at Harpeth Valley Hardscapes today. We stand ready to help you

design your ideal steps and help to add both aesthetic appeal and value to your home and property. Call us today!

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