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Understanding the Difference Between Hardscape and Landscape

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Construction crews and landscapers often use the terms landscape and hardscape when discussing property. Many people think that the two are one in the same, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Homeowners who are considering improvements to their yards, driveways, patios or outdoor living spaces should fully understand the difference before beginning their home improvement projects. The folks here at Harpeth Valley Hardscapes know full well how confusing the terms can be which is why we put together this useful blog to help our valued clients understand the difference between hardscape and landscape.

What is Hardscape?

A term most often used in the context of property landscape design as well as management, hardscape refers to non-living components that are used specifically in landscape designs. Some obvious examples are patios, bricks and rocks to name just a few of the materials. In addition, it includes a variety of other useful structures such as pavements that are used to absorb rain water and even sprinklers. These structures are set in place during the initial stages of landscaping for purposes of adding features to help achieve the desired shape and layout. To strengthen soil structure and prevent erosion for instance, many contractors rely upon the use of walls, paved driveways and even stone benches to accomplish their task. If homeowners are looking to fortify their whole landscape structure they often opt for swimming pools and fountains, all examples of hardscapes.

What is Landscape?

Landscape is all the living elements of any landscaping design such as the trees, flowers, soil, and bushes. Often referred to as softscape, it can be either a permanent addition to your property or temporary, depending on your individual preference and taste. Seasonal plants and flowers can be planted in a variety of landscapes where evergreen trees and many shrubs and bushes are typically used in a permanent capacity.

Homeowners who are setting out to design and build effective and attractive landscaping structures need to understand the difference between the hard elements and the soft. In order to create eye-catching, appealing landscaping, it’s important to blend the two together, which is not always an easy task. For this reason, we highly recommend you reach out to our highly skilled and trained designers and consultants here at Harpeth Valley Hardscapes to help analyze your yard’s structural integrity as well as its topography in order to create and design the ideal hardscape for your home. Additionally, drainage issues need to be taken into consideration as part of the design process.  

With many years of experience in installing walkways, fire pits, driveways, outdoor kitchens and retaining walls, just to name a few, Harpeth Valley Hardscapes is a premier company that affords our clients superior landscape designs, installations, and even maintenance solutions that are not only effective and appealing, but every bit affordable as well. For more information about our hardscape designs contact our team today. We look forward to serving you and to providing you with quality landscape designs and structures.

Why not let our friendly, professional team turn your landscape dreams into a true reality. Spring is here and summer is right around the corner. What better time of year to start planning and preparing to enhance the overall look and appeal of your home’s property with elegant hardscape designs from the experts here at Harpeth Valley Hardscapes. Don’t delay. Contact our team now and schedule your free consultation today. If you are looking for the best landscape designs and layouts this side of Tennessee, then we are the ideal team for you!!

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