Steps To Plan the Perfect Design for Your Hardscape Project

Hardscape projects

Homeowners looking to add creative hardscape designs to their home and property surely want their project to be a successful one. When planning your hardscape project, there are some simple but important steps to take. With that said, the team of skilled professionals here at Harpeth Valley Hardscapes wants to share some of those important steps to take to ensure your project is both appealing and successful.


  • Evaluate and assess your property – The very first step to creating any hardscape design is to determine how much area or how big a footprint is required. It is important to consider all the items you will want to incorporate into the space so as not to end up with a hardscape, such as a patio, that is over crowded and cramped. Be sure to discuss these items with one of our skilled hardscape designers who will be able to lay out the entire footprint of your project, making it easier to visualize both the shape and size of the project.
  • Choose one of our highly reputable specialists – After you determine the hardscape project you would like to design, reach out to one of our reputable designers to discuss all the important details of your project. Topics such as proper base installation, material choices, and actual design, size and shape will be discussed. Our designer will begin with a site analysis of your property and follow up with a scaled plan that incorporates all of your desired design features.
  • Open communication is a must – Our designers and hardscape specialists are on hand to listen to all your ideas and concerns. There will be a number of questions they will ask based upon your property size and your desired hardscape design. Whether you want to add a fire pit, a space for multi-use or a patio, it is important that you engage in open communication and share all your design options and dreams with our professionals. Our team listens and is prepared to build on your very own ideas in order to create the perfect space and hardscape project for you.
  • Be particular when choosing your hardscape materials – There are a wide range of natural, beautiful materials that can be used for your hardscape. Our team can provide you with sample materials along with various photos and stands ready to assist with all your important decision making. From paving stones and field stone to brick and bluestone, every hardscape material presents with its own beauty and benefits. With that said, our team hardscape designers will work right alongside of you to ensure that the materials you choose not only meet the needs, but make complete sense for the specific project you have in mind.


Here at Harpeth Valley Hardscapes, our team of experienced and dedicated hardscape designers and consultants are steadfast in their commitment to meet the specific hardscape needs of all our valued clients. We treat your hardscape project as if it was our own. Our clients are our number one priority and our mission statement simple. We strive to meet the individual needs of clients and to provide 100% customer satisfaction.

If you are planning a hardscape project for your home or business and are in the market for a highly reputable hardscape designer, then we are definitely the team for you. Here at Harpeth Valley Hardscapes even after your project is completed, we will examine the site by performing a walk through and ensure that your design and everything to do with your hardscape project is absolutely perfect before we declare the project completed. For more information about our many hardscape options or to talk with one of our skilled hardscape designers, give a shout out to our team today.

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