Most people are of the mindset that the fall and winter months are not the best time of year to perform home improvement projects.  However, this could not be farther from the truth. The fall and winter months are much slower business months for hardscape companies and most other companies which means that these months typically provide a better, if not the best, opportunities for homeowners to perform hardscape projects on their properties. 

Here at Harpeth Valley Hardscapes our team of highly skilled and experienced professionals takes tremendous pride in providing all our valued clients with the highest quality products and services this side of Brentwood.  From brick and stone walls, paver walls, walkways and even wood arbors to flagstone pathways, and pebble driveways our team handles it all.  Hardscape landscaping proves to have a significant role in the overall outdoor design of many homes offering homeowners aesthetic appeal and a true definition of the existing natural features of their home and property landscaping.


  • For starters, many a hardscape project has the potential of causing damage to the living elements such as grass, shrubs, trees and plants. However, during the cold weather seasons most of these living organisms are dormant which means they are less susceptible to damage.  With minimal grass in bloom or foliage on existing trees or plants, it is much easier for our team of professionals to maneuver materials and equipment during a hardscape installation.
  • Another benefit of cold weather hardscape projects is the simple and obvious fact that many, if not all, hardscape businesses are anxious to find and perform work during this slow season.  The team of professionals along with project managers needed to carry out various hardscape projects are entirely available during the colder months and as a result, projects are able to be completed in faster timelines than those performed in the heavy, busy seasons. 
  • Additionally, with the fall and winter months come many holidays. There is no better time of year to invite and entertain guests at your home than the holidays and performing the perfect hardscape installation offers uniformity and a true aesthetic appeal to your property.  Keep in mind, that in addition to impressing your guests, hardscape projects also enhance the overall value of your home and property as well.
  • Finally, when you opt to perform hardscape designs and installs during the fall and winter months, you allow yourself greater time to simply unwind and enjoy your new hardscape designs once the warmer weather arrives, rather than having to go into planning and installing phases during the more appealing and comfortable seasons. Homeowners and their families typically spend more time outdoors in the warmer weather than they do in the cold weather, which makes a fall/winter install the ideal timeframe for your hardscape projects. 

If you are planning a hardscape project for your home and property, then surely you have come to the right place.  The professionals here at Harpeth Valley Hardscapes are on hand to meet your every need.  With our years and years of experience in hardscape designs and installations, we look forward to serving you and to helping you turn all those property dreams of yours into realities.  For all your hardscape needs, be sure to reach out to the dedicated team of certified professionals here at Harpeth Valley Hardscapes

The winter months are upon us and all the holidays around the corner.  With that said our family here at Harpeth Valley Hardscapes sends along wishes to all our valued clients and their families for a safe and happy holiday season!!

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