For most people at the end of a long hard work day there is no better thought than heading home to enjoy a comfortable, relaxing evening.  Perhaps sitting out on the back patio, enjoying a cocktail and quiet time and a little bit of dinner is in your typical plans.  Well, wouldn’t it be a whole lot easier and relaxing if you could just prepare your dinner right there on the back patio without having to venture in and out of the house but rather bring your kitchen space outdoors.  An outdoor kitchen is a perfect way to entertain, cook and simply relax in your own backyard paradise. 

Here at Harpeth Valley Hardscapes our team of professionals feels confident that outdoor kitchens are indeed a trend that is certainly here to stay.  With that said, choosing the perfect layout and design of your kitchen along with the perfect appliances and other added features is important to creating and installing a fully functioning outdoor living space. 


Outdoor KitchenOne of the most important appliances in your newly installed outdoor kitchen is that of a grill.  There are a couple of different style grills to choose from including free-standing grills or built-in grills.  A free-standing grill will afford you the convenience of moving the grill from place to place on your patio while the built-in grill allows you counter space on either side of the grill need when preparing your foods.  A grill can be either gas fueled or charcoal or even a combination of both. 

Second to the grill is an outdoor refrigerator, which not only will keep your drinks and food cold and readily available, but will also help to minimize the number of trips you have to make back and forth into the house in order to retrieve food to be cooked or drinks to be served.  An outdoor refrigerator comes in handy at the end of the meal to quickly store away those leftovers to be enjoyed another day.

The next important appliance or feature is that of storage cabinets.  Typically, below the counter area, storage cabinets and drawers of varied sizes or even stacked can be installed.  These storage cabinets are ideal for storing spices, paper towels, ice chests, utensils and a variety of other items as well as helping to keep your prepared foods warm until serving.

Yet another important outdoor appliance for your kitchen is that of a built-in sink.  A sink will simplify the overall food prepping process as well as your ongoing cleanup.  Having a sink also minimizes the endless trips in and out of the house and allows for quick and easy cleanup of your cooking utensils.  It also makes it a whole lot easier to wash off vegetables you are cooking or fruits you intend to serve as part of your meal.   

Finally, a trash receptacle is a necessary outdoor kitchen addition.  This kitchen appliance is usually built right into the kitchen.  It is usually a stainless-steel drawer that can accommodate either one or two trash bins.  Ideal for maintaining your outdoor living space, a trash receptacle minimizes the amount of cleanup you have to perform at the end of your evening.  


Overall, if you are considering the installation of an outdoor kitchen, then surely you have come to the right place.  Whether you have a limited or a large budget to work with, you can certainly turn those outdoor dreams of yours into a reality with the variety of options we offer here at Harpeth Valley Hardscapes.  When you work with our knowledgeable consultants, rest assured they are on hand to answer all your questions and address your every concern.  Together you can create and design the ideal kitchen and determine which appliances and features benefit you most and offer you the most convenience and style to your outdoor living space. 

Fall is now upon us and is certainly a favored time of year to sit and relax and even enjoy a cocktail and dinner with family or friends on your backyard patio.  For more information about the variety of designs and layouts we offer here at Harpeth Valley Hardscapes for outdoor kitchens, be sure to contact our team today.  We look forward to serving you and to helping you add style and comfort to your backyard living space!

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