Hardscaping 101

If you long to take your property from blah to “Ahhhh…..” hardscaping may be just the solution you’re looking for! There are many ways to transform your home beyond traditional exterior work and landscaping. Harpeth Valley Hardscapes is proud to have specialized in helping homeowners put finishing touches on properties that cause passers-by to pause and say, “Wow!”, for more than twenty years. If you are considering selling your home at some point in the future, then you know just how valuable that is. Today we’ll start with the basics, and explore other stunning hardscaping options for transforming your property in greater detail in the future. Enjoy!

  • The walkway – Instead of allowing your walkway to remain a lifeless stretch of concrete, consider widening the walkway and installing stepping stones onto a base of gravel for a charming and inviting look.
  • The driveway – One way to spruce up your driveway is to combine hardscaping with landscaping. How to do this? There are many wonderful innovations available in the world of decorative concrete, including concrete stamping pads. Employing these pads and  separating them with aisles of grass gives a rich look to your entry. Another option is to install semi-permeable pavers to give the driveway a bit more texture as well as fantastic visual interest.
  • The patio – Instead of keeping a traditional lawn that needs to be mowed every week, why not install a flagstone patio? They require little maintenance and provide a rustic quality for your front yard.

This completes today’s edition of Hardscaping 101. Again, these are just a few of the terrific hardscaping ideas that can be used to improve your property’s curb appeal. For additional suggestions on how you can personally improve your Middle Tennessee curb appeal – and for a free estimate – be sure to contact us at Harpeth Valley Hardscapes today at (615) 947-8029.

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