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7 Considerations When Planning Hardscaping for Your Yard

Backyard Hardscaping Plan

Hardscaping is basically an element of landscaping that doesn’t include any living elements. This includes using natural elements such as stone, bricks, wood, gravel, rocks, metal etc. to enhance the beauty or create a modern living space in your yard. Hardscaping can also include elements such as ponds, fountains and other water features like natural swimming pools. Hardscaping consists of structures such as patios, outdoor fireplaces and outdoor kitchens, retaining walls, signs, stairs, lined flower or garden beds, driveways, paths and more!

Hardscape elements can define certain features of your landscaping with gravel paths that lead to secluded gardens. Or, it could be something as practical as a gathering place for friends around a beautiful stone surrounded fire pit.

At Harpeth Valley Hardscapes, we go the extra mile to make sure our customers are treated in a friendly manner, and provided a well-though-out plan to help them in making decisions about what they’d like to see in their yards. One way we bring quality information to you is through our blog here on our website. This article’s goal is to help educate you with 7 considerations you should make when planning to add hardscaping to your yard.

Choose a Focus

Find your style and stick with it. Something that enhances the natural beauty of your property and the style of your home is best. You don’t want your yard to look like a mixture of random elements. Keep your focus consistent so your yard doesn’t end up looking like an outdoor museum!

Consider Long-Term

Most people can’t and won’t do all the work they’d like to achieve in one swift move. It is a good idea, however, to keep future development of your yard in mind when you begin. Consider where water features, gardens, and walkways may be located so as to not accidentally put something in place that will later simply be in the way and possibly need to be relocated. When trying to come up with your full-scale plan, it’s best to find something you like and draw from that for inspiration. We have lots of projects here on our website, but Pinterest is also a great place to get inspired! Put your ideas on paper or talk to the professionals at Harpeth Valley Hardscapes about helping you get a full-scale drawing completed before you start your new project.

Watershed and Drainage

Walls and patios can affect how the water on your property will drain. Including permeable elements, such as gravel, pavers and stone, will help runoff and seepage continue as normal in your yard. Make sure if you’re attempting to do your own paver-laid patio that it has a slight slope in the direction of the runoff. A patio can quickly turn into a swimming pool if the water has nowhere to go!

Trust a Knowledgeable Professional

You cant beat the experience and expertise of someone who’s been in the business of hardscaping for years. The knowledge they bring to the table alone is worth the money you’ll spend when hiring a professional. There are some things, such as the frost line, footings, grading, compacting, and drainage, that homeowners don’t have in-depth knowledge of. This is where it pays to have an experienced, knowledgeable professional on-hand to make proper decisions in the building process.

Don’t Fight Nature

Natural elements, such as trees, shrubbery and grass don’t grow in perfect symmetry. That is why straight lines in landscaping don’t look natural. Match the shape that Mother Nature has given. It’s unique in every aspect and serves as a perfect guide for where the hardscaping fits into the landscape!

Keep the Balance with Greenery

Keeping shrubs, plants, and flowerbeds betwixt any of your hardscaping elements will help balance the look of your yard. Mix hard and soft to create safe, comfortable spaces for children and pets to play, and for the adults to enjoy. You can also use natural colored rocks, such as green or brown, to help with smoother transitions from hard to soft.

When Grass Becomes Gravel

Conserving water and eliminating chemicals in your yard may be a top priority. If so, opt for areas of pea gravel or crush granite. You can still enjoy the area while also conserving water and saving maintenance time.

If you have any questions or would like a consultation with one of our hardscaping professionals here at Harpeth Valley Hardscapes, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Simply give us a call at (615) 947-8029 and get a free estimate today! You can also fill out the form on this page and we will be back with you shortly.

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