Tips to Create a Higher Quality Tennessee Garden Pathway

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A good Tennessee garden pathway doesn’t just give you a nice smooth surface to walk on while enjoying your beautiful plants and outdoor features, it also adds character to the overall look of your outdoor space. That’s why you need to take a great deal of care when putting together your own pathway at home. These tips will help you build the best looking path that you can while also helping you figure out just how to blend it in with everything else that you have going on around your yard.

Try Alternating Colors or Materials 

Pathways have a tendency to be quite monotonous when made from the same material throughout. That’s why some of the very best paths rely on two or more different stone or material types to create a more pleasing finished product. Try to mix stone and brick, or just two very different colored stone slabs that both coordinate well with the rest of your garden décor. This adds diversity to your Tennessee garden pathway, makes it more interesting to look at, and will help serve as a more exciting feature for your yard.

Consider Interplanted Seams For the 

Tennessee Garden Pathway

Whether you’re using rows of brick or chunky slate stones, it’s important to consider interplanting the seams of your Tennessee garden pathway with something like moss or another low-lying outdoor plant. Doing so adds a nice natural theme to your path, and gives it a bit more variety as well. You can put low-lying plants in around the borders of your pathways as well, just be aware that plants might add in a bit more maintenance than a plan pathway will, though they may help keep any weeds out of your way!

Edge Messier Tennessee Garden Pathways

If you’ll be using turfgrass, gravel or another potentially messy path material, it’s essential that you rely on edging to keep it neat and tidy. Not only does the edging help keep those materials in place, but it adds a cleaner and more defined look to the materials. Garden pathways look best when they have defined edges, and it’s difficult to achieve that look without some sort of edging with these materials.

By following these simple tips you can create more attractive looking Tennessee garden pathways and really accent your garden nicely in the process. Sure these paths are more complex and more work than your basic gravel trail, but that added work really pays off with a Tennessee garden pathway that will impress your guests, and leave you feeling content with the end results.

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