The Importance of Sealing Pavers

Sealing pavers

Many homeowners have chosen pavers for their hardscape surfaces and designs. The team here at Harpeth Valley Hardscapes wants to provide our valued clients with insight about their paver surfaces and why it is important to seal the pavers. Sealing pavers has many benefits and we want to share some of those benefits with you.


There are a few important benefits to sealing pavers with the first benefit being that sealing the pavers will prevent the surface from becoming eroded. Erosion takes place over the years with all the rain and other outdoor elements that are present. All types of concrete surfaces including poured in place sidewalks and pre-cast pavers will eventually erode over time. When erosion occurs, large stones and aggregates will become visible, forcing the surface of the pavers to become rough and no longer as smooth as it was when it was first installed and new. When you see this process occur, you cannot reverse it. With that in mind, sealing pavers approximately every 4-5 years will prevent this erosion process from occurring. Sealing is a process wherein a film-forming sealer is applied to avoid erosion.

The second benefit of sealing pavers is the fact that it keeps the pavers cleaner. Here at Harpeth Valley Hardscapes, we use a film-forming, penetrating sealer which prevents any surface debris and contaminants from getting embedded in the pores of the concrete. When contaminants make their way into the concrete pores, they cause the pavers to grow mildew or moss and to darken in color as well. The sealer will also make it a whole lot easier to sweep and rinse your pavers.

The third and final benefit of sealing pavers is that it helps with stabilization of the joint sand so that the joint sand will not need to be replaced as often. Paver sealers add longevity to your hardscape as well.


Here at Harpeth Valley Hardscapes, our team of highly skilled and experienced specialists is committed to installing only the highest quality hardscapes to all our valued residential and commercial clients. Our team is steadfast in their commitment to meet the individual needs of all our clients and to do so at prices that are competitive and affordable. We also take pride in meeting the timeline and scheduling needs of all our clients.

Sealing pavers is an ideal option for protecting your home or business investment for years and years to come. Our team of specialists stands ready to serve you and to help you create and build the ideal hardscape design for your home or business property. Our team possesses all the experience, know-how and skill needed to design and create unique hardscapes that will not only add to the aesthetic appeal of your property, but will add to its overall value as well.

Here at Harpeth Valley Hardscapes, we take pride in our marketplace presence and as a result of our performance excellence and our commitment to meeting the needs of our clients, have come to be known as your go to company for all your hardscape needs. If you have installed pavers at your

home or business and want to enhance the look, integrity and lifespan of your pavers, then look no further than the pros here at Harpeth Valley Hardscapes. Remember sealing pavers is a surefire way of keeping your pavers clean and looking like new. Give a shout out to one of our staff today to obtain a free estimate. The holidays are around the corner and we send along wishes from our family to yours for a very safe and happy holiday season.

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