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Build the Perfect Backyard Oasis with a Stylish Stone Patio

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Looking to enhance your outdoor living space? Looking to increase the functionality of your backyard? Or perhaps you are just looking for the perfect quiet escape where you can simply relax, and make the world go away. Well, the team here at Harpeth Valley Hardscapes stands ready to meet your needs. Sometimes the simplest design ideas are the most appealing and beautiful. A stone patio can be the ideal addition to your backyard to provide your family with a perfect spot to relax and unwind.


Simple Stone Patio Designs

Unfinished stone slabs have a uniqueness and appeal all their own. The stones when laid in the most random of designs can bring the perfect touch of style and grace to your backyard. There is something ever so country and simple about unfinished stone slabs. Yet, they can bring a whole new breath of life to your outdoor living space.


Natural stone is a durable and reliable material for any outdoor patio designs. It is incredibly strong and has a long lifespan. Further, natural stone has a beauty all its own that is ideal for creating a quaint, cozy spot where you and your family can simply relax, unwind and take in all that Mother Nature has to offer. The patio designs we offer here at Harpeth Valley Hardscapes are sure to inspire you and help you create and design your own special paradise right in your backyard.


We can all agree that there is something quite attractive and appealing about a stylish stone patio. You can add a sense of warmth to the style of your home with the earth tones that stone affords you. A brick home can be greatly enhanced with a beautiful stone layout and design coupled with a perfectly landscaped yard.


Another rather simple design is that of granite stone tiles in a smaller size that can be laid along your grass boundary to give a cozy patio look. Adding a fire pit to enjoy on those cooler spring, summer and fall nights makes for a perfect family and friends get together. This is the perfect low and simple maintenance patio design that fits perfectly into the budgets of those who need to tone down the costs, but still want to enhance the look and functionality of their private little paradise.


A Step Above Simple

If you are looking for a unique look that is a step above simple, then perhaps a beautifully designed textured stone patio suits your taste, lifestyle, and family more. Textured stone can easily add the loveliest of textures to nearly any patio. To make for a perfect relaxing, quiet spot in your backyard oasis you can also add a stylish outdoor fire pit made of marble. Your textured stone patio and stylish outdoor fire pit can be accented by attractive patio furniture to give you the look and feel you are trying to achieve.


Yet another classy design idea is that of travertine pavers. A type of limestone, travertine has stylish swirls in its design that adds both grace and charm to any backyard paradise. These travertine pavers are scratch resistant and regardless of the outdoor weather elements, will always hold up beautifully with their unique style and charm.


Whether Simple or Enhanced, A Patio Makes the Difference

Well, there you have our thoughts and ideas on different patio ideas you can consider when designing your backyard oasis. The team here at Harpeth Valley Hardscapes is committed to helping all our valued clients enhance the look, feel and value of their home and property. One way we do this for sure is with our stylish stone patio designs. For more information on how you can create a private backyard paradise for you and your family, give a shout out to our team today. We look forward to serving you and to adding the perfect touch of charm and class to your home and property. Summer is nearly here and there are lots of gatherings to be had. So, be sure to schedule your consultation today!

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