Autumn is the Perfect Time of Year For Your Patio Installation

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Many people are of the mindset that when it comes to a patio installation or any other projects for your outdoor living, that spring or summer are the ideal times of year to perform these improvements. These same people are under the impression that it is not ideal timing to install a patio in the colder temperatures. However, this is not true. Autumn and even in the midst of early mild winter weather conditions, can definitely be the perfect time to install a new patio.

The folks here at Harpeth Valley Hardscapes want to take some time to share with all our valued clients some of the benefits of installing either a new patio or any other outdoor living space or project during the fall months. Certainly, for starters performing your patio installation during the cooler fall months will be a whole lot less inconvenient for you and your family since during the spring and summer months there is a tendency to frequent the outdoors and perhaps even entertain a wide range of guests.

Performing such an installation will present with some degree of disorganization and indeed a mess of sorts. But choosing to install your patio in the fall makes better sense because you are less likely to be entertaining or using your outdoor living area as much as you would during the spring and summer months. Further, the spring tends to have a great deal of rain which creates excessive mud and other problems, whereas in the fall the rain tends to be more limited.

Secondly, doing an install in the fall minimizes any chances of damaging your property’s landscaping since the majority of it, grass and vegetation alike, are already dormant.

Next, for those who plan to install a patio with an outdoor fireplace or fire pit as part of the patio design, then surely fall is the best time of year to enjoy those comforting, outdoor fires.

Finally, one of the biggest benefits of performing your patio installation in the Autumn is the simple fact of availability and timelines for our technicians and consultants. Spring is truly a popular time of year to perform hardscape installs which ultimately results in long-term waiting or delays in scheduling. However, if you plan to create, design and install your patio in the fall months, rest assured your worries are over. Schedules and timelines are much easier to accommodate and prices tend to be lower in the slower fall and early winter seasons as well.

There may be a handful of challenges that come into play when installing your patio or outdoor living space in the colder fall and winter temperatures but indeed they are minimal. The temperatures can sometimes drop very low which can have an impact on your installation. If you choose to use mortar it is necessary for temperatures to stay near to 40 degrees in order for the mortar to set properly.   If you elect to use concrete, it will need to be poured prior to the ground freezing and again ideally when temperatures are near to 40 degrees. Outside of these concerns, which are not typical concerns here in Brentwood, installing your patio in the fall or early winter months does indeed appear to have its benefits.

If you are thinking about installing a new patio and were thinking you had to wait now until the spring, then wait no more. Simply give a shout out to our professional team here at Harpeth Valley Hardscapes and schedule your free consultation today. Just think how wonderful it will be to set out in your backyard living space on your new patio and simply relax and enjoy an outdoor fire under the brisk fall skies. Don’t delay. Why not schedule your consultation today? We look forward to every opportunity to serve you and send along wishes from our family to yours for a safe and happy holiday season ahead!!

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