The Benefits of Permeable Driveway Pavers

driveway pavers

As most homeowners know, your driveway can certainly play a significant role in the aesthetic appeal of your home. A smooth, attractive and properly laid surface contributes to the look and functionality of your driveway. If you are in need of performing a driveway renovation project for your home, or perhaps you need to install a whole new driveway, then the team here at Harpeth Valley Hardscapes recommend you consider the many benefits afforded by permeable driveway pavers.


Permeable pavers have a unique design of their own in that they are designed to provide a larger space between the stones, allowing for a quicker filtering base when it comes to storm waters. There is a gravel base beneath the pavers that allows storm water to easily seep back into the ground. They not only function and look very much like your traditional driveway pavers, but they are available in a variety of shapes, colors, sizes, and textures.


  • Control Erosion – Often times, after a heavy rain storm there is debris, particles and dirt that run over the surface of a driveway causing erosion. Permeable pavers help to control the erosion. Even the perfectly landscaped property that diverts storm water away from the home into common storm drains, can experience a not so pleasant trail of dirt and debris that is left behind on a driveway. This can, over time, result in dark staining on the surface of your driveway. Permeable driveway pavers help to minimize the amount of water that flows into the storm drains by allowing the water, instead, to find its way back into the pavers by way of the tiny holes allowing it to be filtered back into the ground. This process controls the amount of water that runs over your driveway surface by filtering it directly back into the ground continuously.
  • Overall Durability – It is important that a driveway consists of a durable surface that can withstand a great deal of traffic and heavy vehicles without shifting, cracking or crumbling. When your driveway has a safe and solid surface your family and guests are safe to exit their vehicles and make their way into your home. For most, if not all homeowners, safety on your property is a number one priority.
  • Enhanced Curb Appeal – A beautiful, smooth, state of the art driveway surface not only improves the overall look of your property, but an investment in a renovated or new driveway install can contribute to an excellent return on your investment. If ever you choose to sell your home, the driveway is one of the first components of your home that a potential buyer will notice. A home that has an aesthetically appealing driveway is sure to make a lasting good impression.


Here at Harpeth Valley Hardscapes our team of dedicated professionals are steadfast in their commitment to meet the individual needs of all our valued clients. If you are looking to transform your current driveway into an appealing architectural design then we highly recommend you consider permeable driveway pavers. Not only can they withstand all types of weather conditions, but they also provide a smooth appealing surface. They typically present with a rather elegant design and appearance and require very little maintenance.

In addition, these pavers provide storm infiltration and elimination of standing water at 100%, which is ever so helpful with the management of erosion and the reduction of storm water costs. Here at Harpeth Valley Hardscapes we have years of experience in creating and designing elegant, functional outdoor spaces as well as fully functional driveways that are sure to highlight your home and property.

If you are in need of a driveway renovation or a whole new driveway installation, then we are the team for you. We suggest you give some consideration to permeable driveway pavers and reach out to our dedicated team of professionals for more information or insight on their many benefits. We look forward to serving you and to providing you with the highest quality materials and services this side of Tennessee!

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