Outdoor Paradise


Spring is here. It’s Friday night, and you can’t wait to spend some time in the great outdoors.

With the weather forecast is in the mid 60s after sundown, your girlfriend gets off work early and the two of you shoot out a text to 15 of your closest friends, inviting them over for a little mid spring, outdoor, hangout time.

The party kicks off at 7:30. Mike brought brats, Terry brought burgers, and you had some uncooked chicken breasts you threw in a quick marinade as well. You cook up a storm on your new grill, part of an outdoor kitchen unit you had installed last fall, while Terry and Mike sit and joke about your college days at a couple of bar stools on the other side of your outdoor counter. You toss them each a beer from the outdoor fridge underneath the counter. Your girl’s best friend, Monica, helps watch the chicken while you flip burgers.

At 8:30, the rest of the guests arrive and start mingling all over your new concrete and tile patio. Everyone has a glass of wine or beer in hand and you raise a toast to the lovely evening and to many more lovely evenings throughout the warmer months on your new outdoor patio. Then everyone starts chowing down.

You down two brats and a hamburger before you hop behind the outdoor wet bar and start mixing cocktails. Before you settled down into a career, you worked at a mixology bar and it’s fun to practice your old craft. You whip up a couple old-fashioneds for the boys and some gin gimlets and mojitos for the ladies before inviting everyone down the hill at the bottom of your yard, where your new firepit awaits.

Your girlfriend swung by the local supermarket for some marshmallows, graham crackers, and Hershey’s chocolate, as well as some skewers and you all huddle up and make s’mores. You spend the rest of the night playing card games, drinking wine, singing and laughing late into the twilight hours.

Sound like a setting too good to be true? At Harpeth Valley Hardscapes, we think not. While we can’t help with the friends or the food, we can help with the scenery.

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