Connecting and Blending Hardscape Spaces

Hardscape Spaces

When you have multiple hardscape spaces on your landscape, connecting and blending them can add aesthetic appeal and value to your property. Here at Harpeth Valley Hardscapes our highly skilled and professional team of landscape specialists are on hand to help you create and design those connections so as to provide a beautiful balance and structure to your outdoor living space.


Walkways – There are a number of ways to connect all the varied hardscape spaces on your property with walkways being one of the most common and popular components. Creating engaging wide walkways, whether geometric, curved or straight can add to the aesthetic appeal of your home and aid in maneuvering from here to there on your landscape. Natural stone is a popular choice of many homeowners because it easily adds a very natural feel to your backyard.

So, whether you are looking to add natural beauty to your pergola, your outdoor kitchen, your deck or your patio, natural stone is an ideal choice to connect and blend them all. Our dedicated specialists can envision the overall layout and design of your landscape and, during your consultation, can help you choose the perfect combination of features and materials that will gracefully connect all your hardscape spaces.

Retaining Walls – Though retaining walls are often used for erosion and soil control, they can also be a stylish, beautiful technique used to connect, merge or blend hardscapes in your outdoor living space. Whether constructed with natural stone, concrete blocks or brick, retaining walls also provide a level of privacy that many homeowners seek.

A retaining wall can easily connect your patio to your outdoor kitchen or fire pit bringing all those functional elements together. In addition, you can plant similar flowers or shrubs along the retaining wall and other hardscape spaces to add a bit of familiarity and commonality amongst all the individual outdoor components.

Outdoor lighting options – Finally, when you are looking to connect and blend hardscapes outdoor lighting can certainly illuminate each of the hardscapes and connect and blend them visually as well. Whether you choose to add lighting to a retaining wall, patio or outdoor fireplace or fire pit, the overall effect will serve to enhance both the value and aesthetic appeal of your property. There is something quite appealing about a backyard oasis that is fully connected and blended by way of perfect, ambient outdoor lighting.


The landscape and hardscape specialists here at Harpeth Valley Hardscapes are committed and dedicated to helping all our valued clients choose and implement the ideal elements and techniques needed to connect, merge and blend their hardscape spaces. From stylish, natural looking walkways and beautifully designed pathways to attractive outdoor lighting our skilled team has all the experience, know-how and resources to help you enhance your landscape all the while connecting and blending all its different components to your personal style and taste.

During your consultation our team of experts will discuss your ideal goals, the look you are attempting to achieve and ideas you may want to share. In addition, they will discuss the many services we have available, as well as our affordable prices and very attractive turnaround times. Our team is on hand to answer all your questions and discuss your every concern, so that together we can create, design and implement the ideal solution to connect, merge and blend all your stylish outdoor hardscape spaces. Don’t delay. Give a shout out to one of our team members today and schedule your free consultation!

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